It is the Vim that bring we into the marvelous OSS world. Fiddling with it is full of surprise and happy.

Below records my steps of setting up my Vim environment after every system re-installation.

Installing Vim

my vim config have be tested on:

NOTE: currently I prefer to GUI version than terminal version, hence most of my configurations are tailored to GUI environments.

Setup My Vim-Config Repo

First pull down my vim-config repo from github.

Then create a directory named neobundle under the pulled down repo, which will holds almost all vim plugins that will be synced by neobundle later.

Create the initial cur_mode file under .vim/chameleon/, which always stores the chameleon mode of next vim session.

# On Widnows, Must Be Put In C:/Documents And Settings/<User Name>/Vimfiles
git clone ~/.vim

cd .vim
mkdir neobundle

cd chameleon
echo 'all' > cur_mode

Install Prerequisites Vim Plugins

Install vim-chameleon

vim-chameleon is my own plugin for managing massive and ever growing vim & vim plugin configurations.

cd ~/.vim/neobundle
# NOTE: The Renaming Is Important
git clone chameleon

Install neobundle.

neobundle is a sophisticated vim plugin manager that I have been using for a long time.

cd ~/.vim/neobundle
# NOTE: The Renaming Is Important
git clone neobundle

Install & compile vimproc.

vimproc is another plugin written by Shougo that is very useful, and is required by neobundle. The point is that you need to compile it to get a dynamic library after pulling down its’ repo.

cd ~/.vim/neobundle
# NOTE: The Renaming Is Important
git clone vimproc

cd vimproc
make # see vimproc/ for compilation commands for various platforms.

Run vim to see all other 140+ plugins get installed.

You can run vim in terminals or open gVim. Better run vim in terminal to watch the plugins installing progress and spot any errors clearly.

Vim Environment For Specific Use Case

Web Developing

Node.js (and NPM which comes with it) is the essentials of everything below.



I use:

npm install jshint -g
npm install jslint -g
npm install eslint -g
npm install js-beautify -g


I use:

npm intall csslint -g
npm install csscomb -g

Python Scripting

Lua Scripting

Go Scripting

C/C++ Coding